Jacob's Hope CD: Songs of hope and healing
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'From The Depths: Songs of Hope and Healing' is a worship project born from love for a teenager that many of us have never met, but who has inspired us in his extraordinary response to his own personal tragedy.  Jacob Wacker at Hume Lake Camp Jacob Wacker, 17, suffered a very serious spinal cord trauma that left him paralyzed from the chest down when he dived too deeply into a deceptively shallow lake at a church camp in July of 2007, just hours after being baptized in the same waters.  Jacob since has demonstrated a tremendous resolve to place his hope in the God of healing and view his circumstances as an opportunity for God to work in the lives of the people around him.

This benefit album was shaped around the same themes of healing and hope that Jacob has put his faith in.  The songs are testimonies and reminders to us all that God is bigger than our circumstances and loves us more than we will ever realize.  Our wish is that this site will not only bring Jacob hope in his rehabilitation but also to others who hear his story and the message of these songs and come to understand the healing and hope that comes from the Creator God.

All proceeds for this CD go directly to Jacob's Hope Fund, maintained by Good Samaritan Ministries in Beaverton, Oregon, and will assist in his rehabilitation costs.  All donations are tax deductible. 'From the Depths: Songs of Hope and Healing' was produced by the worship ministry team of Greater Portland Bible Church and recording was made possible by the generosity of Rainbow Recording Studios.

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